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by pedja.m
2014-09-17 14:54
Forum: User contributed hMailServer 5 scripts
Topic: Nagios, NRPE scripts.
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Re: Nagios, NRPE scripts.

Hello Bill. First I would like to thank you for putting an effort in making and sharing this awesome script. I noticed a problem though I have the script set to auto run every 5 minutes. In the past, there was a problem where it would hang on 'running' in the schueduler windows, I resolved this by t...
by pedja.m
2014-03-21 16:44
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Default folders not made on account creation
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Default folders not made on account creation

Hello, I am having an issue where default folders are not made when i set up an account in Outlook 2013 or from mobile phone. It used to work just fine, and all of a sudden this problem came up. The only workaround i was able to figure was making folders manualy from hMail console , subscribing manu...