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MySQL 8.x Header Update Problem

Posted: 2019-02-02 12:42
by Dravion
As i built the latest LTS Release, it was possible to upgrade to PostgreSQL and MS-SQL-Server latest native API Version but MySQL is unfortently diffrent and makes things problematic.

As described earlier, MySQL 8.x isnt any longer native compatible to libmysql.dll 5.x Versions (regardless if its 32 or 64-Bit) and if you want to use MySQL 8.x you have to configure it in legacy compatibility mode durning the MySQL 8.x Setup
so hMailServer 5.x can connect to it.

Martin decided durning the MySQL feature integration in hMailServer to copy the include header code into a hMailServer specific header
which targets MySQL 4 and 5.x Series so its not a direct reference to MySQL original API Libs.

This prevents easy update to MySQL 8.x native API.
To make it work, the MySQL API Connect code has to be rewritten.

It will work in MySQL 8.x Legacy connect mode for now, but this is far from ideal.