Howto: MS-SQL-CE: Decrypt password for external access

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Howto: MS-SQL-CE: Decrypt password for external access

Post by Dravion » 2017-03-31 10:25

For SQL CE its not true (Windows Auth)

For decryption of SQL CE password you need to follow this steps:

1) You are logged into your hMailServer computer
2) Open a normal Windows Command prompt
3) type in:
cscript "%programfiles(x86)%\hMailServer\Addons\Utilities\DecryptBlowfish.vbs"

you should see a inputbox like this:
4) Type in your hMailServer Admin password into the inputbox and click ok
5) A new inputbox is shown, asking for "encrypted password"
6) Open c:\Program files (x86)\hMailServer\bin\hMailServer.INI
7) lookout for
8) Type in or copy and paste the value after Password= and click Ok
9) If anything is ok you should get a Diaglogbox with the password like this:
10) Now you can use this password (in my testcase: 3501F806350A) and open
hMailServers MS-SQL-CE password protected Database located in
(for example:) C:\Program Files (x86)\hMailServer\Database\hMailServer.sdf
with CEExplorer or any other MS-SQL-CE Database utility (needs to be run under Administrator
permissions) like this

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