Using a SSL Certificate from

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Using a SSL Certificate from

Post by mattg » 2019-09-21 05:17

One user has put this information together based upon information in the hMailServer Forum, help from a certificate provider, and personal experience with installing SSL into hMailServer:

SSL appears to behave very well in hMailServer if a "chained certificate" is installed using the NGINX format, which apparently contains the following:


This is the procedure as followed in September 2019, and worked on the first try:

A 2048-bit private key file, and CSR, without password, was generated using OpenSSL.

A "Positive SSL" certificate was then obtained from, configured for Apache. The cost for a 2-year (the maximum currently allowed) was under $ 8.00US. It's a pretty good bet that this procedure will work with certificates obtained elsewhere. Your mileage may vary, of course. Issuing authority is Sectigo, formerly Comodo.

As advised by support, the contents of the crt file received was pasted into this site:

The DECODE button was clicked, and the result showed no errors.

Scrolling down that same page to the button for this, a NGINX-format output file was downloaded.

It was this un-modified file, along with the private key, that was used to create a certificate name in hMailServer.

Remember that there are 3 steps to activating the certificate in hMailServer (follow the directions on the hMailServer site)...

1. Create the certificate name (Settings->Advanced->SSL certificate)

2. Select that certificate name (Settings->Advanced->TCP/IP ports) for the ports requiring SSL

3. Stop/restart the hMailServer service.

FYI the key file plus the original files obtained from were used in Squirrelmail + Apache without further modification.
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