general questions about hMailServer

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general questions about hMailServer

Post by lesterchew » 2021-12-08 09:59

I have an application that is set up to send email to our Microsoft exchange server within our network, not external using (sample) and port 25. There are no settings to use a different port for secure SSL/TLS connection. So, I have to find some alternative for our application to send email using a secure connection and to an internal company Microsoft Exchange server. Someone in the application software community suggested using hMailServer.

1. The application is installed on a 2016 server. I do not see any version of Windows Server OS on the compatibility list. Will HMailServer install and work on Windows 2016 servers?
2. I understand that hMailServer is not the client. My goal is to set the application to point to the hMailServer and configure hMailServer to connect to our internal Microsoft Exchange server. I see where you can configure the destination for email to be sent to. However, what I have read so far is that the destination is external (internet email) and not for sending email to internal Microsoft Exchange Server. Is that correct?
3. I don't want hMailServer to receive email, if I can set it up to send email to an internal company Microsoft Exchange Server.
4. Is hMailServer only for sending email to external webmail?
5. If I can use hMailServer for the purpose I stated above, can someone contact me to assist in how I would set this up.

Thank you for any assistances to the above questions.


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Re: general questions about hMailServer

Post by palinka » 2021-12-08 13:10

You want a relay. hMailServer can do that no problem. Runs on server 2016 no problem.

Settings > Advanced > IP ranges > delete the preconfigured IP ranges. Then set one up for your application server. Allow external to external deliveries. Do not require auth.

Settings > Protocols > SMTP > Delivery of email > SMTP Relayer > set up relaying server with required information.

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