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Mail Filter Helper

Post by sergiortc » 2018-05-03 19:39

It is a program that
  1. Copies all detected spam emails to a user defined folder for a given hMailServer installation.
  2. Reads the copied spam emails.
  3. Extracts for each email the following data:
    1. Sender
    2. Recipient
    3. Subject
    4. Size in Kilobytes
    5. Spam Score assigned by Spam Assassin
    6. Spam Score assigned by hMailServer
    7. Date and Time Received
    8. File Name in which the email is stored in the Windows Server.
  4. Inserts the data extracted into a table in an SQL Server database.
  5. Deletes the spam email inside hMailServer.
  6. Allows you to move all copied spam emails to a Processed folder
  7. Allows you to set the following parameters:
    1. Source Path (where the spam emails reside before being processed).
    2. Target Path (where do you want to copy the spam email files).
    3. Database Connection String (Self-explanatory).
    4. hMailServer Administrator Password (Self-explanatory).
    5. Catch All Spam Email Address
  8. Allows you to see a list of the spam emails processed in the current program session or of all spam emails processed up today.
  9. Allows you to see two reports:
    1. Spam Emails per day
    2. List of Spam Emails received from date 1 to date 2 (both included).
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To work with the source code you have to download the file MFH_20180424.rar and extract the MFH folder under your Visual Studio 2015 Projects folder (C:\Users\youraccount\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects) and create the data base, table and Stored Procedure in your SQL Server 2016 installation by executing the SQL statements under the folder MFH_SQL.

You will open Visual Studio 2015 and from it open the MFH.sln file.

MAIL FILTER HELPER.docx contains a brief description of the program functionality.
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