Forwarding and buffering

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Forwarding and buffering

Post by mschumann » 2020-05-09 07:56

I am forwarding my Mails in hMailserver to GMail but use my hMailserver for SMTP. This combination gives me a very easy spam protection.

For forwarding I currently use aliases.

After work hours and on weekends I would like to buffer some addresses for a timeframe and later deliver them.

I found hints on enabling/disabling rules through vbs. Thats how I woul like to realize it and my question:
  • Point the aliases to a new hmail mailbox for buffering.
  • Add a rule to forward mails to gmail.
  • Switch that rule on and off from outside with a vbs script by task planner.
BUT: How can I make hmail forward also all buffered messages that were received while the forwarding rule was off?

Thanks in advance for help.

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