Anyone interested in quoting for this solution?

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Anyone interested in quoting for this solution?

Post by matthew230 » 2020-06-02 22:36


I have a project which we think may be solved by using Hmailserver and VBscript\jscript.

Interested to receive any quotes\interest in providing the below.

Please contact me with any queries etc,



Looking for a solution to categorise incoming emails that contain machine unique IDs, with readable ID's, so users can more easily match the email to the individual.

We have a large number of emails that come in as notifications from specified web forms. These contain an alphanumeric code within the message body.

We want to be able to extract a small amount of data from a SQL Server database, dependant upon the code, and append that information to the subject of the email, and then forward it on.

The SQL Server can just be a scalar function that we will write.

We view a potential solution to use HMailserver that allows for Vbscript/Jscript rules to be applied, and require the script to be written.

We intend to set up Hmailserver on an alternative server with a different domain to the end target.

For example the email would come into:

From this, we want the script to scan the message body for the unique ID. This is follows a regular format, so should be straightforward. For example, the unique ID = "Q123DR"

We then require to use SQL Server to call a scalar function, using the ID as the variable.

The result of the function needs to be added to the subject field of the email, and then forwarded to the final destination, which uses the prefix of the original mail, and just changes the domain, eg:

For extra points, having a configuration file that matches up pre and post domains would allow for future expansion, but for now the pre and post domain can be fixed.

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