Reliable, OpenSource Driverupdater utility

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Reliable, OpenSource Driverupdater utility

Post by Dravion » 2017-12-02 13:59

As admin, you have to Install/Upgrade and Reininstall Windows from time to time of diffrent Computers:
I noticed, in most cases the bundled OS Drivers are way outdated and Windows Update doesnt allways provide
the latest Drivers for your Windows Installation. Usually you have dectect and write down you PC Hardwarware and
download drivers at the Supportwebsite of your Compoment Manufacturer. This is a crappy Job (espacially if it comes
to Intel). So i decided to checkout some 3d Party Driver Updaterpackages, but i was not satified.

Durning my tests, i found a little OpenSource Utility, done by a Grou o Volunteers called Snappy and
i must say, it does a verry decent Job for free and its completely OpenSource. The GUI isnt a Beautyquenn,
but if you grasp the concept it works like a charm. I tested it with a few diffrent PC-Systems (upto latest
Win10 Versions) and cam recommend it

Screenshot and Downloads: ... installer/

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