Windows on ARM, Docker and the Future of Nano-Server

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Windows on ARM, Docker and the Future of Nano-Server

Post by Dravion » 2019-02-17 06:51

Recently, Microsoft decided that Nanoserver will not any longer avaiable as part of Windows Server.
Windows Server 2016 contains the only and last version of Windows Server 2016 Nano.

Any new Versions of Nano-Server will be avaiable as Container only, mainly as Docker Image

As you can see here:

There is also an important overall Change:
Windows on ARM is not longer a Client OS-Side thing, now reaches Windows Server and a series of Docker Containers
and doanloadable ISO's are also avaiable. Some Freaks have it allready running on PC-Windows inside a QEMU Emulation
or Linux KVM.

Regarding hMailServer:
The Compilers for ARM are included a few years for now so we can assume any Developer trying to built hMailServer for i386
and AMD64 are able to compile hMailServer for ARM as well. Unfortently, the default sources arent compatible with ARM CPU's
but the hMailServer HCD Project will support for ARM 32-Bit and 64-Bit because it wont use specific OS-Services in the first
place which prevents compilation. Its not exactly a Port to ARM but we can use it right away.

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