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Game changing method of dealing with spammers?

Posted: 2019-08-26 13:00
by palinka
I received this from the spam assassin user list. ... 201148416/
Rob McEwen anti-spam DNSBLs Founder/CEO
6h ยท Edited

ANNOUNCEMENT: The current status quo of the entire ESP and mail-sending ecosystem, including the organizations that are suppose to "help" them play by the rules (maawg, Return Path, 250OK, ALL blacklists, + sending from O365 & G-Suite) - is now fundamentally broken. Within days, invaluement is going to be releasing a game-changing service that is going to knock the whole industry back into fearing the consequences of spamming - the way it used to be - and SHOULD be - except with FAR LESS collateral damage than traditional blacklists. This technology will then be shared with other blacklists - so that they can partake in this industry "reset". It will be at least as monumental as the release of the first URI/domain blacklist (of which I was heavily involved).
That is an awful lot of hype. The Dude certainly knows how to build anticipation.

Sounds very interesting. I wonder what it is? Maybe he figured out how to programmatically impale spammers using robots? Killer drones? Doxxing their mothers?

I love disrupters. I bet it applies only to Europe where people actually care about these things. :(

For spammers to fear the consequences of anything, it has to be more than blocking them. Although firewall blocking them raises their blood pressure. I've done thoroughly scientific surveys on the subject. :mrgreen: