Get Delivered State from Messages

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Get Delivered State from Messages

Post by chiting23 » 2020-06-03 05:48


I'm trying to save the different state of the message (accepted / delivered / error ) through the script events. I want to know if its posible to just know when a message has been delivered to the destination server, in the Message object there is no property that indicate this, there is the State property but in the events is always 1 and after the events if i read this property through COM API is always 2 no matters if the message was delivered or not.

In the documentation of the Message object property State says "The state of the message" but no more description. There is a way to achieve this, or what I'm missing ?

Thanks for you time.

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Re: Get Delivered State from Messages

Post by RvdH » 2020-06-03 09:43

DSN (Delivery Status Notification) is not supported in HmailServer
You can use read/received receipt (MDN) in clients though
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