hmsLogViewer: an Access application to manage hMailServer log files

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hmsLogViewer: an Access application to manage hMailServer log files

Post by jmendiburu » 2020-01-04 20:27

Hi everybody!

I've developed a simple and free Microsoft Access application called hmsLogViewer. The application imports a hMailServer CSV log file, taking each line to it's corresponding Access table, depending on the log event type (SMTPC, SMTPD, TCPIP, IMAP ...). Each Access table is stored in a separate Access (accdb) file, but they are all linked and managed together from the main application. This design allows to work with up to 2GB of data per event type without problem.

Also, hmsLogViewer allows you to partially import the log file, either by setting a maximum number of lines to import or by setting a date range so that only log lines included in that range are imported. In addition, hmsLogViewer can generate a full copy of the original log if you want so, but be aware of the 2GB limit specially in this case.

Once the CSV log is imported, filtering, sorting or searching data is really easy and fast using the standard Access characteristics.

- Microsoft Access 32 bits (or, at least, the free runtime) installed on your computer

- You can read more about the application at (website in Spanish, application in English) or download the installarion ZIP file directly from ...

- The application does not require installation. Simply unzip the ZIP file to any folder for which the user has read and write permissions and run hmsLogViewer.accde

- When you run the application for the first time, you may receive a message indicating that it should be closed and restarted. This is normal and necessary to establish the initial settings

- If you receive any security warnings, check the Access security settings. Specifically, you may need to indicate that the folder where you installed the application is a 'trusted location'. If this is not enough, you will have to lower the security level of Access macros.

- If you notice any other problem or want to make any suggestion, please, feel free to contact me. I will gladly try to help you.


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