Gammu SMS frontend

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Gammu SMS frontend

Post by palinka » 2020-01-30 16:33

If anyone is interested, I made a very simple PHP frontend for Gammu SMS.

* Uses unaltered Gammu database (no new tables/columns/etc).
* Send short/long messages immediately or at future time - long messages are properly sequenced to arrive as a single long message.
* Displays outbox (including long message outbox in sequence)
* Displays inbox/sent items
* Displays connection status (Gammu outbox polling status: CONNECTED or DISCONNECTED)
* Search inbox/sent items by keyword or phone number
* Displays names instead of numbers if configured (from PHP array - no database entries)
* Mobile browser support (viewport)

That's it. No restful API, no multiple users, no bulk messaging, no fancy features at all. In other words - exactly what I needed for myself. :D

But I figured maybe others might find it useful too. It seems to be pretty popular already. I've had more clones for this project than all my others combined. I could not find a version anywhere that suited my simple needs, so I made it for myself and I wasn't the only one looking for something like this.

I use Gammu to notify me of lots of events in hmailserver, among many other things including programatically notifying the power company of an outage. :D

I look at it as email=messaging, SMS=messaging. Different berthing areas in the same boat. And Gammu works great on Windows.

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